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About O'Brien's Inn

The history of O'Brien's Inn begins in about 1918 with two brothers Ed & Bill O'Brien. They opened a hot dog stand near the site of the current inn to provide food and drink to travelers whose vehicles overheated making the climb up the hill. In 1926 Ed opened the O'Brien's Log Cabin Diner on Broad St in Waverly NY. In 1946 O'Brien's restaraunt was constructed. In 1964 the 24 unit motel was constructed. In 1970 the bar and lounge were built between the restaraunt and motel.

"America's Most Scenic" ?

Named Most Scenic Dining Room in Views to Dine By."The view from here is so magnificent that a photograph of it by an amateur, James B. Gilitz, a Binghamton NY attorney, won eighth place in a contest featuring 8,400 photographs from all over the world, and it was the only U.S. photo to make the top ten".   Jerome E. Klein, Author: Views to Dine By.


"Heaven on a Hilltop" Courier Magazine"


"One of the architectural Wonders of the World" Courier Magazine


"One of the most amazing views, anytime of year." Jackie Gleason




O'Brien's Inn is now owned by Jesse Streeter and Managed by Hospitality expert Scott Yeager. We invite you to stay with us. Stop in the Lounge and enjoy a cocktail and light fare. Don't forget to check out our Photo Gallery located below the lounge, it will take you back in time.

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